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Grace, A singer-songwriter who is originally from Hokkaido,

Started her musical carrier in 2010 as a singer with Keyboard.

She has been very influenced by The Beatles, Deep purple, Oasis and David Bowie , ....mostly British musicians.


Gigs at The cavern club

Grace performed on several gigs at the legendary music club called The Carvern Club in Liverpool, England in the summer of 2015 and 2016. At the Cavern Club, all the tickets were sold out every night and the guests were from all over the world who are big fans of the Beatles.

Grace also did a music session with

Mr. Roag best, a brother to Mr. Pete Best who was a member of   the original Beatles before Ringo star joined the Beatles.

And she was also invited to a Party at the British Embassy in Tokyo

as a British culture ambassador.

Grace has other interests Such as fashion modeling.

Below is a list of Grace's gigs and Concerts held in

England, America,   Europ and Japan.  



Live stage in Elizabeth city in NY, U.S.A . 

Performed  concert in front of the city mayor  and other city officials.




Live in Paris,  France

2015 ~ 2016      


3 days  gigs at the Cavern Culb in Liverpool.




Live at Edinburgh city in Scotland.


Sapporo factory live /Sapporo city Jazz /Sapporo snow festival /Many other music festivals in all around Japan. /University festival live gust and shopping center event guest./ Kitami Shinto Shrine.

Thank You!


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